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JsphotographyJessica Standish

Get in touch with Jessica Standish Photography to book your next studio or outdoor portrait session.

NEPA Family Magazine Cover! | NEPA Custom Portrait Photographer

It’s been one crazy month, or going on five weeks, of illness and medical issues for me. To say I’ve gotten behind on almost 5 weeks of bed rest, three hospital trips, two admissions, and lord only knows how many doctors visits I am happy to report that we have a diagnosis and treatment plan in place! I was diagnosed all month with a “static migraine” and basically told by the first two hospitals, and most doctors that I may just have to endure it for the duration of my pregnancy. Finally after I just continued to get worse we ended up back in the ER at Geisinger this time, and they diagnosed me with Lyme Disease, and Lyme Meningitis. It was a scary, painful, and frustrating experience but I am so thankful for a diagnosis at last, and slowly starting to feel better. I’m currently still under the care of the infectious disease department, Geisinger home care nurses to help with my pick line and IV meds, my family doctor, and a team of OB’s, but the important thing is we are making progress each day and I’m so lucky to have finally gotten some answers, and a plan!

I hope you were all able to stay up to date with the Facebook updates that my sister so kindly posted for me as I was unable to even look at my phone most days, let alone get out of bed to the computer. If you were unable to check out those updates please feel free to check out the last few statuses on Facebook, or let me know if you have additional questions I’d be happy to answer on why I had to be MIA all of July, and now through August.

Not all bad came of this past months events, apparently I had an image featured on the NEPA Family Magazine cover while I was in my second hospital stay 🙂 I just love working with the sweet ladies over at NEPA Family and it definitely brightened my day to see the cover image! You can view their latest issues here: http://www.nepafamily.com/our-latest-issue/. In addition to that the session I picked the rotten little tick up from happened to be one of the maternity sessions I’ve been able to be most proud of 🙂

Should you have any questions that have remained unanswered during this crazy time please email me, but keep in mind that I’m still not feeling 100% and it may be awhile before I do. I just can’t say thank you enough to all of my amazing clients who were able to be patient with me, and wait on orders, or reschedule sessions. Thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support!


A handful of studio holiday minis now open to new clients - all other holiday minis aside from those listed below are full, if you don't find something you were hoping for this year please hop on the waitlist.

This is it for 2022, sweet friends. There will be nothing else added, so grab a spot while you can!

Studio Holiday Glam Mini-Sessions @ JSP

November 5th & 6th, 2022



Studio Pajama Mini-Sessions @ JSP

October 23rd, 2022



Studio Holiday Glam Mini-Sessions @ Plant Parlor | Pittston, PA

November 12th, 2022



Holiday Mini-Sessions @ JSP's Private Mini Tree Farm | Shavertown, PA

November 2022




Pastel Christmas @ AH Baby Co. | Pittston, PA

November 19th, 2022



Winter Wonderland @ Raven Creek Chapel | Benton, PA

November 20th, 2022



Santa Minis @ JSP Studio | Shavertown, PA

November 13th, 2022



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