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Get in touch with Jessica Standish Photography to book your next studio or outdoor portrait session.

JsphotographyJessica Standish

Get in touch with Jessica Standish Photography to book your next studio or outdoor portrait session.

2014… the start of a more personal side of my blog!

I’ve been meaning to add a bit more of “me” to this blog for quite some time. I want my clients to know me, and think of me as Jessica the person, not Jessica the random chic who is photographing their kids. It’s important to me to build a relationship with my clients, to make you feel comfortable with having me around your kiddos, and to make you feel comfortable talking to/working with me from start to finish on your session. Not only that, I wanted to explain a bit why it seems like I’m having surgery every other month, or in this case 2x this month! So here goes…

I am on a mission over here. On a mission to add more babies to this little family of mine!!! We have been trying for a little over five years now, and after much procrastination on my part (4 years to be exact, mainly because I was scared) we have finally begun the long road of battling infertility. Phew… feels good to get that off my chest! Those of you on my personal page may know, but I often get client messages, and posts with well wishes and concern for my what seems like constant doctors appointments and surgeries. So there you have it! I want you to know that I appreciate each and every one of you for being concerned, and want you to know that I am ok, I am not dying 🙂 I am just going through a little medical battle that requires a lot of time, and a lot from me physically, and sometimes mentally. However, as every single one of you parents out there know, any battle towards the miracle of bringing a child into this world is worth it 1000%.  We have had many hurdles, tests, surgeries, procedures and lots of delays come up through the course of the past 8 months, I am now counting down the 68 days to what is now our IVF cycle start date… March 10th, 2014!

Which brings me to the business side of this post… Because of this you’ll notice that I will only be taking 2-3 appointments a week, and none some weeks, as I prepare for the next course of treatment, and the appointments & procedures involved in it. Please don’t delay if you’re intending to get on my 2014 calendar! It is now wide open, and I am accepting appointments thru fall of 2014, but they are going fast!


A handful of studio holiday minis now open to new clients - all other holiday minis aside from those listed below are full, if you don't find something you were hoping for this year please hop on the waitlist.

This is it for 2022, sweet friends. There will be nothing else added, so grab a spot while you can!

Studio Holiday Glam Mini-Sessions @ JSP

November 5th & 6th, 2022


Studio Pajama Mini-Sessions @ JSP

October 23rd, 2022



Studio Holiday Glam Mini-Sessions @ Plant Parlor | Pittston, PA

November 12th, 2022



Holiday Mini-Sessions @ JSP's Private Mini Tree Farm | Shavertown, PA

November 2022




Pastel Christmas @ AH Baby Co. | Pittston, PA

November 19th, 2022



Winter Wonderland @ Raven Creek Chapel | Benton, PA

November 20th, 2022



Santa Minis @ JSP Studio | Shavertown, PA

November 13th, 2022



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