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Get in touch with Jessica Standish Photography to book your next studio or outdoor portrait session.

JsphotographyJessica Standish

Get in touch with Jessica Standish Photography to book your next studio or outdoor portrait session.

Hayden | Newborn Session | Pennsylvania Newborn Photographer

Miss Hayden came to see me in Pennsylvania newborn photography studio for her newborn session recently, and she was a dream! Snoozed the entire time. Hayden made it through every pose in my workflow, every set I had prepared for her newborn session. Then she kept right on snoozing through sibling and family shots! This my friends is a rare but much welcome occurrence for a newborn photographer!

This year has been extremely busy for JSP. Each year I set a max number of sessions I will take to allow enough time for me to focus on my kids, then each year I find myself failing miserably at it. 2016 at JSP will end up almost double what my max number for 2016 was. DOUBLE!

My 2017 calendar has been opened up for 2016 clients, and once I finish those additions to the shop no additional appointments will become available. Current 2016 clients do have access to a special November discount (in lieu of the public black friday sale) via the early booking group on Facebook. Please check the pinned post on how to access the booking site, and the discount codes!

Managing the balance between being a business owner & wife/mom has always been a struggle for me. When you work from home you’re always at work. Always feeling like you should be working every single free moment. In the new year I am making it my goal to make sure my kids are getting my full attention when they are home and awake. When my husband is in town I want to make sure he gets to see me without a computer in front of my face. So, while I wish I had the time in my day to shoot and edit sessions for every one of you, I will likely be declining even more sessions than normal in 2017. Be sure to grab your dates early!

I appreciate your continued support more than I can say. I feel blessed beyond measure that so many of you choose me to play such a large role in cataloguing the story of your families lives <3 Keep scrolling to see just a few of my favorites from my time with Hayden and her sweet family!


Wilkes Barre Newborn Photographer_0427.jpg
Wilkes Barre Newborn Photographer_0464.jpg
Wilkes Barre Newborn Photographer_0430.jpg
Wilkes Barre Newborn Photographer_0432.jpg
Wilkes Barre Newborn Photographer_0441.jpg
Wilkes Barre Newborn Photographer_0439.jpg
Wilkes Barre Newborn Photographer_0440.jpg
Wilkes Barre Newborn Photographer_0431.jpg
Wilkes Barre Newborn Photographer_0435.jpg
Wilkes Barre Newborn Photographer_0428.jpg
Wilkes Barre Newborn Photographer_0429.jpg
Wilkes Barre Newborn Photographer_0438.jpg
Wilkes Barre Newborn Photographer_0437.jpg
Wilkes Barre Newborn Photographer_0433.jpg
Wilkes Barre Newborn Photographer_0434.jpg
Wilkes Barre Newborn Photographer_0436.jpg
Wilkes Barre Newborn Photographer_0445.jpg
Wilkes Barre Newborn Photographer_0448.jpg
Wilkes Barre Newborn Photographer_0447.jpg
Wilkes Barre Newborn Photographer_0449.jpg
Wilkes Barre Newborn Photographer_0451.jpg
Wilkes Barre Newborn Photographer_0443.jpg
Wilkes Barre Newborn Photographer_0442.jpg
Wilkes Barre Newborn Photographer_0457.jpg
Wilkes Barre Newborn Photographer_0460.jpg
Wilkes Barre Newborn Photographer_0459.jpg
Wilkes Barre Newborn Photographer_0462.jpg
Wilkes Barre Newborn Photographer_0461.jpg
Wilkes Barre Newborn Photographer_0463.jpg
Wilkes Barre Newborn Photographer_0446.jpg
Wilkes Barre Newborn Photographer_0444.jpg
Wilkes Barre Newborn Photographer_0450.jpg
Wilkes Barre Newborn Photographer_0456.jpg
Wilkes Barre Newborn Photographer_0453.jpg
Wilkes Barre Newborn Photographer_0454.jpg
Wilkes Barre Newborn Photographer_0455.jpg
Wilkes Barre Newborn Photographer_0452.jpg

Wilkes Barre Newborn Photographer_0458.jpg

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Not in the NEPA area? No problem, limited travel sessions within 60 miles from her NE Pennsylvania newborn studio are available, contact for details prior to booking. Use the contact button on this page, or email me at hello@jessicastandishphotography.com

Jessica Standish Photography is a full service boutique photography studio. JSP is located in Shavertown, PA and services Scranton, Wilkes-Barre, Allentown, and the surrounding areas. Jessica specializes in newborn photography, & family photography.



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This is it for 2022, sweet friends. There will be nothing else added, so grab a spot while you can!

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