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Get in touch with Jessica Standish Photography to book your next studio or outdoor portrait session.

JsphotographyJessica Standish

Get in touch with Jessica Standish Photography to book your next studio or outdoor portrait session.

Is it December 6th already?!? | NEPA Photographer

Hello friends! I have a few reminders for this upcoming week… and some other tid-bits for your reading pleasure tonight. Read on…

• I am going in for surgery on Wednesday and will not be working/answering emails/phone calls from Tuesday night until Thursday. I’d hate to be editing your little beauties while recovering from anesthesia. I doubt any of us would be happy with the outcome of that 😛

• Due to some upcoming procedures that are still up in the air for January I am not taking any additional January appointments. I may open them up once my medical stuff all gets worked out, stay tuned. I am currently accepting appointments for March 2014 and later, however, I am fully booked the first two weeks in March.

• While I do have a temp location for the studio I still have to sort through the damage, and see what can and cannot be salvaged. For the time being all sessions will be held in the gray building behind my studio building.

In other news, and I feel like I’m posting this reminder and answering messages almost daily lately, so I wanted to touch base further on it. I hope it doesn’t come across the wrong way at all when I say that I knowwwww you all want your images immediately (I have been that client, believe me :P) , but it just doesn’t work that way. I am not a quick-turnaround, mainstream photography studio. I don’t have a team of people who can help out when life happens, when I need a day off, or during busy seasons, I’m a one woman shop. That’s why I quote a certain turn around time, aim to over-deliver, and hope to avoid confusion. This is not an instant gratification type of art. I hope that those of you who hire me decide to do it because you love the creative art that goes into your session, and how I work with your loved ones. I hope that you find yourself loving every image more and more as you browse through your gallery, or Dropbox full of memories captured forever of your little loves, and that it was worth the wait. While I can’t give you your out of focus, unedited, cookie cutter photos immediately, like some big name studios, I can give you more personal attention, creativity, and capture the true and real essence of your family. I pour over them with love, selecting the very best, and editing each and every detail. While I can’t give you 100 unedited images on CD for $20 like the mall shops I do promise you that I am working every single free moment to get them to you, hopefully early, but 2-3 weeks is and was the agreed upon timeframe from the get go.

Whew… long story… LONG! I just ask you to keep those points above in mind, as well as the fact that I am just one person, and that I am in fact a person after all… We aren’t a perfect bunch 🙂 Sometimes life hands all of us people a load of stuff to deal with, and as many of you know I am dealing with some medical issues, my studio was just completely ruined from water damage last week, I am preparing for a surgery on Wednesday, and it’s the holiday season. I get it, holidays are coming faster than you can keep up with, you’ve got so much to get done and theres not enough time in the day. Believe me, I understand all of it 100%.

I do apologize a million times over if there was ever any confusion on the client agreement, and to re-cap it, turn around time is 2-3 weeks on mini-sessions, on galleries, and the ordering process, always has been. While I always, always aim to deliver sooner than that, the timeline is listed in your client agreement for a reason, to cover both of us on timing, and to give myself time to give your images the attention they deserve. Please plan accordingly when booking your dates.

I hope this clears up any lingering timing questions. I also thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support, your business, for making my first full year in business farrrrr beyond what I ever expected, for your patience, and for stopping by to keep up with this blog! My intention (in the future) is to put a little bit of me into it as well, so that those of you who don’t know me personally may be able to get to know me a little better before our session!

A handful of studio holiday minis now open to new clients - all other holiday minis aside from those listed below are full, if you don't find something you were hoping for this year please hop on the waitlist.

This is it for 2022, sweet friends. There will be nothing else added, so grab a spot while you can!

Studio Holiday Glam Mini-Sessions @ JSP

November 5th & 6th, 2022



Studio Pajama Mini-Sessions @ JSP

October 23rd, 2022



Studio Holiday Glam Mini-Sessions @ Plant Parlor | Pittston, PA

November 12th, 2022



Holiday Mini-Sessions @ JSP's Private Mini Tree Farm | Shavertown, PA

November 2022




Pastel Christmas @ AH Baby Co. | Pittston, PA

November 19th, 2022



Winter Wonderland @ Raven Creek Chapel | Benton, PA

November 20th, 2022



Santa Minis @ JSP Studio | Shavertown, PA

November 13th, 2022



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