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JsphotographyJessica Standish

Get in touch with Jessica Standish Photography to book your next studio or outdoor portrait session.

Preparing for your Lifestyle Storytelling session | Documentary Photography | NEPA Photographer

Lifestyle Storytelling sessions are becoming increasingly popular at JSP… and I am ecstatic about it! There is something so magical about being able to capture you and your family in the relaxed space of your home. Doing you. The real everyday moments. The ones that are definitely not getting documented enough.

This quote resonates with me so much in regards to my documentary work. Reminding families that we are really there to stop, slow down, and really enjoy the real stuff… and let me document it all along the way. Really when you think about it… 50 years from now. We only have these memories. These images of the most important and ever so fleeting moments in our lives.


So… first things first. A few simple steps to prepare your home for the big day:

  1. R-E-L-A-X. Relaxed is the beauty of your in home session. Please don’t stress. There is no right or wrong way to do a lifestyle session. These images will portray the real everyday beauty of your life at home with your loved ones. That’s it. That simple. No need for any stress… unless you’re trying to dress everyone in florescent colors. Then I might stress a little. But. We will get to what to wear later!
  2. Tidy up any clutter. I won’t judge a few loads of backed up laundry on the floor. Believe me. I have 2 kids, one on the way, and three dogs… and a husband. I get it. Just hide the clutter stuff. Counter space should be cleared of any unnecessary small appliances, toys cleared from the floor, nightstands cleared, bedrooms straightened up, and backed up laundry neatly hidden behind the laundry room door!
  3. Lighting is important. Open any blinds/window coverings that are not sheer. Turn off all overhead lights and lamps.
  4. Prepare a mental (of physical) list of activities. I want to photograph your family doing your favorite things. The things that might go un photographed, but really make your time at home special to your family. This doesn’t have to be fancy. At all. I like to start with a good old fashioned family snuggle in the master. Then we might want to read some books, make lunch/cookies/cocoa/coffee, cuddle on the couch – whatever feels natural to how you spend your time at home. Love board games, or puzzles? Let’s do it. Little guy obsessed with legos? Let’s build some. Kiddos love bath time? Yes, yes, yes! Bath time is one of my favorite parts of a lifestyle session! Just have a little list ready of your favorite stuff. The real life good stuff. That’s what we are after.
  5. Stay of Pinterest & embrace the unpredictability. Pinterest can’t tell us how to capture the real life you. Lifestyle sessions flow based on our list of chosen activities. Toss your pinterest list, and perfection expectations out the window. Let’s focus on the moments and let our time together flow like it’s any other day at home. Your life is special, and it deserves to be documented as it is. Not how Pinterest says. Or how any of my other lifestyle clients were. If you’re a planner, I totally get the desire to know what exactly this session will hold, but I promise it will hold a lot more magic if we just let the activities set the flow, and embrace the beauty of this unpredictable session style.


W H A T should we W E A R for our Lifestyle Storytelling SessionThis my friends is the only place of session planning where any amount of stress comes in for me. Why? Because what you do wear is always important. Studio session, outdoor session, lifestyle session. It doesn’t matter. What’s on your body, and your feet, is always important.

Check out this pinterest board for outfit examples — >>> What to Wear – LIFESTYLE

  1. Coordinate. Not match. Start with your color scheme, and coordinate from there. Please do not put everyone in jeans and white shirts. I might rum back out the door. If you aren’t sure email me pictures! I almost always help plan outfits in my sessions. Still not sure. Let me know so I can arrive a little early and raid your closets!!!
  2. Be comfortable. We are home after all. Leggings layered with a favorite tank/t-shirt and an oversized sweater would 100% be my outfit of choice for my own in home session. Or maybe even a comfy stylish maxi dress… depending on what season/style I’m going for with my crew.
  3. Light colored neutrals. Why? They always, always, always work. Coordinating layers of gray, white, cream, tan, and blacks etc. Always classic, and always work together. We want to avoid bold colors for indoor sessions most importantly because the changing lighting situations can cause some awful color casts on skin from dark.bright colors.
  4. No logos. Unless it’s something relative and trendy. For instance if I was planning an in-home session right now for myself. When coffee is my life force. I might just wear my “coffee saves bro” shirt 🙂 No big Nike logos, or GAP Inc. logos, please.
  5. No polos. If I could pay everyone in my client base to never wear a polo shirt to another session, I might. What should you choose instead? A nice v-neck, henley or even a button up left open with the sleeves rolled if that’s more comfortable.
  6. Newborn? Simple white onsie is my favorite. I want to see those chubby baby legs. And knee dimples. Simple as that!
  7. Still confused? Please email me!!!



Newborn Lifestyle Storytelling  Session — >>> If we are preparing for a newborn lifestyle session the only one change in planning is that we want baby freshly fed prior to my arrival. UNLESS you’re nursing and want to incorporate some nursing images into the session. Chances are we will stop for another feeding regardless, but I do like to start the session with a happy full babe.

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Not in the NEPA area? No problem, limited travel sessions within 60 miles from her NE Pennsylvania newborn studio are available, contact for details prior to booking. Use the contact button on this page, or email me at hello@jessicastandishphotography.com

Jessica Standish Photography is a full service boutique photography studio. JSP is located in Shavertown, PA and services Scranton, Wilkes-Barre, Allentown, and the surrounding areas. Jessica specializes in newborn photography & family photography.

JSP is currently booking custom studio newborn sessions & in-home lifestyle storytelling newborn sessions with due dates of October – early November 2017!


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