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NICU Update – Day 3

In effort to get the same info out to everyone here’s an overdue update for our little guy (sorry for the delay!), but it’s just filled with great news from the last 48 hours!

On Tuesday afternoon I was able to hold him for the first time since he was taken from away from the delivery room. For almost two solid hours we had skin to skin time. At that point he was still on his CPAP on a high level push of oxygen, and his respiration’s were all over the place ranging from 30 to sometimes 150. He should have been in the 30-60 range. He was not able to eat, period. Not even via feeding tube. He was still very sleepy, and tired from all the work his little body was going through trying to breathe even with the help. His lungs still had fluid, and he was still in antibiotics and IV fluid.

During our skin to skin time they were able to turn his oxygen DOWN for the first time since our arrival, and his breathing leveled slightly when he was on my chest. We were elated as they had warned us just the act of disturbing him to move him may require more oxygen. Typically when he would get irritated or checked his saturation levels would go down, and his respirations would go up. The opposite happened, and he has continued to improve since!!!

On Tuesday night they slowly began backing his O2 push down in the CPAP to see how he tolerated it. Initially his saturation would go down for a bit, but he would bring it up eventually. The day continued, I was able to hold him again, although his levels were affected a bit so we cut it short at about an hour. Things stayed much the same thru the night.

On Wednesday morning we lost the CPAP and moved to a high push nasal cannula. We were ecstatic as the cpap was really bothering him, and it allowed us to see more of his tiny face. We were also able to have our first feeding since he nursed right after delivery. It was via feeding tube, but it was a big step, and he had started showing signs of hunger. I was able to hold him twice on Wednesday during the day, and with every overnight feeding tube feed into Thursday! He started to show more signs of feeling better, and fussing a bit here and there when he was hungry. All welcome signs showing he was gaining strength! Overnight on Wednesday they slowly began backing down his O2 in the nasal cannula… and we had a great night as he was now feeding every 3 hours via tube. His antibiotics were stopped and his IV started to decrease as he was feeding via tube.

This morning — we are oxygen tube FREE! His respirations are still fluctuating a lot. But more often in the range of 30-100ish, which is much lower, and his o2 saturation has held strong. We still have the feeding tube, and IV, and all the monitors but, he took his first bottle feed today to get him working on eating on his own. No nursing yet as it’s so much work for him to eat on his own as it is. So he’s receiving my milk via bottle or tube at this point. It’s a slow moving process of getting the tube out, but he’s taking small amounts via bottle for now, and receiving what else he needs via IV. His IV will continue to be backed off slowly as his feeds increase. I was able to hold him as much as I wanted. Daddy was also able to hold him for the first time since he was born just after midnight on Monday morning.

This morning they started talking about prepping for discharge… no dates yet but “a few days” was tossed out there!

I have been taking some random big camera photos of his progress, but for now here are some of his last few days. We are so grateful for your support and prayers for our little man ?

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